Exception Details

This error was encountered when attempting to receive in inventory using License plate receiving of a packing structure that was built for an inbound load.Work was not returned


The solution to this error was pretty simple.

A load was built to manage an inbound deivery of purchased goods. A packing structure was created ahead of the receipt. Packing structures are uniquely identified by a license plate (single level or dual level is supported).

A packing structure was built, but there were no items assigned to the packing structure. When the software proceeded to create work during the License Plate Receiving and Putaway process, it failed to do so because there were no items.

If you are manually creating packing structures, then this is an easy fix. Simply follow the steps below and assign the items to your packing structure.

However, if your packing structures are being automatically generated due to an automated ASN communication between your company and an external party, then I suggest troubleshooting your integration (i.e. the inbound XML document) and verifying that data is structured correctly.

Loads > Shipping and Receiving > Packing Structure

Go to the Items section and click new to add one or multiple item numbers and quantities to this packing structure.

Save your changes and proceed to receive against the license plate.

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