Microsoft Dymamics AX 365 Long Term supprot plans

Dynamics AX Help is a technology services provider that offers services specializing in Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365 .

Dynamics AX Help is based in New York State and serves local and remote clients. Our team understands the growing demand for a right-fit Microsoft Dynamics implementation help and for reliable post go-live support coverage. We work with a wide range of industries and have a keen understanding of business processes. With that knowledge we connect with clients to analyze and address specific challenges.

We understand that all business are not quite the same - and they have differing goals. While some companies are implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX or 365 over an extended timeline, others are implementing in a much shorter time frame. Our experience implementing AX over the years prepares us to be ready for any client situation.

If you are planning to extend your use of an existing Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation.We've got you covered. Perhaps you are looking for help implementing Warehouse Management and Transportation Management modules. We've got you covered. Sometimes you are just trying to determine how, if at all Microsoft Dynamics AX 365 is the most suitable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform for your business. We cover that too.

Microsoft Dymamics AX 365 Long Term supprot plans

Our goals are centered around our clients; because their success equates to our success,

A few of our goals are to:

  • Provide post-go-live helpdesk support to companies who want to avoid hiring full time system administrators to manage the new platform
  • Become the trusted name in technology providers for mid to upper tiered businesses implementing Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Empower small - medium sized companies by helping them leverage the power of the vastly rich data that is collected in their ERP systems.
  • Assist medium - large sized companies in uncovering the untapped potential of cloud technologies - to get automated, accurate, real-time metrics.
  • Be the number one enterprise support organization across the world.

We are aware that there are many options available for companies for various levels of help. We stand out amongst the competition because we invest one on one time with you to provide the best possible service. Our mission is to make business easier and more affordable for you!

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