Exception Details

Overdelivery of line is 100.00 percent, but the allowed overdelivery is only 0.00 percent.

Here is what caused the error: Updates Made to Sales Order line After Released to Warehouse.

Let's look at how it was fixed.


  1. For this particular client we are using containerization. I had to reduce the load line quantity, after forcing the container close.
  2. Once all lines have been reduced, the container is no longer valid and is deleted.
  3. Then go to the sales order and manually split the line. Split off the quantity that was already delivered. Put the balance (undelivered quantity) on a new sales line.
  4. New Line
  5. Remove the reservation that was on the original lot number, and then add the reservation to the new line.
  6. When you do this, be sure to “Update Line” on the original sales line / LOT ID and set the deliver remainder to 0 if there are no more to be delivered for this sales line. Otherwise the backend inventtransorigin table will create a new line for the same lot number with a status of “On Order”. After you update the delivery remainder, that extra line on the inventtransorigin record goes away.
  7. The the Dispatch form changes from this.
  8. from
  9. To this...
  10. To
  11. Re-release to the warehouse
  12. rerelease
  13. Complete the picking work as usual.Create your container. Now you can finally close the container and complete the shipment.

Hope this helped!

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