Exception Details

While attempting to process work in the warehouse management module, this strange error was thrown. It is strange because the configuration that caused the error is not a common one to miss.

See how it was resolved below.


Look at the item in question in the Released Products form, and find the Item model group.

Product Information Management > Products > Release Products > (select item) > General

Look at the "Physical Update" field group, and ensure that "Picking Requirement" is checked.

As stated by to Microsoft:

"Select this option to indicate that item issues must be picked before inventory is physically updated. The status of the inventory transactions for the item issue must be Picked before the packing slip is updated. This field is used by warehouse management. Picked items are part of physical inventory. Items can be picked in the warehouse management system by dispatches and picking routes. Alternatively, you can click Inventory, and then click Registration on the relevant journals and orders. If you create a direct delivery from a sales order, the Picking requirements parameter is ignored, because items are transferred directly from the vendor to the customer. These items do not physically come into your company."

Once this setting was made, it was possible to complete picking work.

Note that in D365 F &O, we are not required to have this setting in order to pick inventory with advanced warehouse management.

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