Exception Details

Inventory dimensions of the transfer are not synchronized-A receipt quantity of might consequently have been updated with incorrect inventory dimensions. Journal has been posted.


  1. Look up the onhand inventory for the location and item.
  2. Look for the transactions: Product information management > released products > (select item) > Manage inventory (action pane) > Transactions
  3. The unposted journal is looking to take inventory from the same location were the RAF inventory registration process is planning to PUT inventory into.
    The mismatched dimensions are: Project.

    The system is looking to put 700 units into Project dimensions STOCK, into the location, but there is contention. There is another receipt in process into that same location for the same item number, taking from the STOCK and putting to a different project numbrr, and it’s like the system is not sure which receipt is valid. One is for a quantity of 117 and the other is for a quantity of 700.
    the system sees them as un synchronized.

  4. The next step was to delete the unposted journal, since it was no longer applicable anyway.
  5. Warehouse manager confirms this solution worked!
  6. Manager
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