Exception Details

Cannot report time on a job: The job you scanned is not on the job list for today. Please contact your manager or scan another job

• User cannot get on the job.
• Checked Production Route and operation has setup time .
• Operation 10
• Checked SCHEDULING tab.
• There is a good quantity reported. But it was not reported as finished


Cause: Training. User was prematurely marking the job as completed.
Saw this by checking the Production Jobs and filtering on the production order (or job ID). Also by checking the route card journal and seeing that the operation was marked as completed. See second image.

Path: Production Control > Manufacturing execution > Jobs and activities > Production Jobs


Production control > Manufacturing execution >Jobs and activities > Production jobs


To fix you can use the new functionality in the Periodic tasks: “Revert Completed status for a job”.

Production Control > Periodic tasks > Production order status update > Revert Completed status for a job


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