Exception Details

The work 000000009 cannot be completed because some of the pick work lines do not have located license plate IDs. Consider using the Work templates form to set up work breaks so that all work lines include a located license plate ID.


Add the location in the sort sequence in the work template. Added a work break. This seemed to work. Problem went but it seemed to come again. Not sure what is going on. Need to revisit.

Warehouse management > Setup > Work > Work Template > (select work order type) > Edit Query

Apologies: this is an older issue. This solution may not be complete. You can also check on-hand inventory for that item, that specified pick location, and then click on transactions to see what work (if any is marked for that inventory). This will give you an idea of some other underlying cause.

P.S: If the item is in a location that is enabled for license plate controlled, then you need to specify the licene plate of the inventory that you are attempting to pick.

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